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The Bond silver earrings are the symbol of strong attachments. Carefully polished 925 Sterling Silver, the signature of the design is a lock charm. A design made for the unbreakable human ties. Let your imagination flow and make it one of a kind with words of love, kindness and loyalty or let us inspire you with our already designed quotes and symbols.

Inspired by genuine scenes of love, the Engrave Me Collection is specially made and designed to be personalized. Necklaces, bracelets and charms become unique and meaningful by the engraving of messages and symbols. The collection is a blank canvas where every special feeling and story is displayed.

This is Your Blank Canvas. Let the Imagination Flow:

Say My Name, Say My Name
Initials or names are a classic way to customize jewelry for you or a loved one.


Love and Tell
Declare your love to the world with that quote that only you two will understand.


It's a Date!
Never forget again that special date or anniversary engraved in that beautiful jewel.


Somewhere Only We Know
Have a place you consider to be “your” spot? Coordinates or city names make a unique engraving.


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